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Conquering Bladder and Prostate Problems: The Authoritative Guide for Men and Women






Conquering Bladder and Prostate Problems: The Authoritative Guide for Men and Women
by Jerry G., M.D. Blaivas,

This book answers just about every question the lay reader might ask about urology, covering urinary incontinence, cystitis, prostate problems, and other bladder problems. Blaivas, a leading urologist (New York Hosp.-Cornell Medical Ctr.), writes clearly and straightforwardly about matters of grave concern to anyone who suffers from urologic problems, whether bothersome, embarrassing, or painful. Blaivas explains how these conditions and their complications are diagnosed, treated, and controlled. Highly recommended for hospital and patient education collections.?James Swanton, Harlem Hosp. Lib., New York
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist
The subtitle is accurate: this is for men and women, and, because of Blaivas' clinical and academic background, it is indeed authoritative. Blaivas describes the anatomy of the relevant structures clearly and gives detailed accounts of symptoms, tests and diagnoses, diseases and problems, and medical and surgical treatments. Often he illustrates typical situations in imaginary dialogues between patient and doctor, and the fact that the patient not infrequently sarcastically blurts out "Thanks a lot" says something about both the condition under discussion (i.e., it is not a clear-cut situation) and Blaivas' personality--he knows that patients are human. Doctors are human, too, and Blaivas encourages patients to ask specific questions and obtain second opinions. He also disposes of myths, such as "eight glasses of liquid a day are a must," and forthrightly states when his approach differs from those of other urologists. William Beatty-

From Book News, Inc.
Discusses in easy-to-understand language problems related to the bladder and prostate. The first three chapters, which explain how things work, what can go wrong, and what symptoms mean, are followed by 18 self-contained chapters that discuss specific conditions and options for treatment and control. Contains three appendices: medications, organizations, and other reading material. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR --T

Beverly Sills, Chairman, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
"This easy-to-understand book should be a 'must' for everyone's medical library."

Book Description
From one of the eminent experts in the field, an easy-to-follow guide to urological problems for both men and women. The agonizing discomfort of bladder difficulties, prostate problems, and urinary-tract infections torment and embarrass millions of men and women worldwide. Offering vital information on such conditions as incontinence, prostate cancer, intercystitis, bladder cancer, and pregnancy bladder problems, Dr. Jerry Blaivas describes the telltale signs to watch for, and the best options for treating, controlling, and even obliterating these problems altogether. Conquering Bladder and Prostate Problems is a valuable tool to help readers make informed judgments and will set them on the path to a healthier and more comfortable life.

Book Info
Cornell Univ., New York, NY. Text, for the consumer, on bladder difficulties, prostate problems, and urinary tract infections. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language. Explains the problems, the symptoms, and best options for treating and controlling them. --

About the Author
Jerry G. Blaivas, M.D., is the Clinical Professor of Urology at the Cornell University School of Medicine and attending surgeon at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. Dr. Blaivas is also editor in chief of Neurology and Urodynamics, the premier medical journal in the field.


5 out of 5 stars Great down to earth resource, March 19, 2002

  Reviewer: Mary Gallant (see more about me) from Caribou, Maine USA

The book is very organized and in depth. It is written and the diagrams are very helpful to look at. I thought the book has great merit to anyone who suffers from incontinence, interstitial cytstitis and prostate problem. I highly recommend this book to read before embarking on treatment and surgery.

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5 out of 5 stars This is by far the most informative book I have ever read, September 9, 1998

  Reviewer: A reader

Blaivas does something here that no other urologist has ever done. He has written a book that answers any and every question, but he has written it in a way that is easy to understand. He even intertwines humor, so rare in a informational medical book. His compassion, understanding, and extensive knowledge far surpassed my expectations. If you have even thought about buying this book, then do it. It will help.

Sincerely, Matthew














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