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The 401K Millionaire: How I Started With Nothing and Made a Million and You Can, Too













The 401K Millionaire: How I Started With Nothing and Made a Million and You Can, Too
by Knute Iwaszko,

If you have access to a company-sponsored retirement plan but are virtually clueless about such things as dollar-cost averaging and asset allocation, The 401(k) Millionaire: How I Started with Nothing and Made a Million--And You Can, Too will provide the information required to begin preparing for your financial future. Written by "regular guy" Knute Iwaszko and business journalist Brian O'Connell, this very readable and quite informative primer outlines all of the basics needed for novice investors to start parlaying 401(k) programs offered by their employers into formidable sums by retirement time. Iwaszko--a former chemist, salesman, and innkeeper with no formal knowledge of the workings of Wall Street--constructed his own seven-figure portfolio by following five ironclad rules: start investing early, maximize your contributions, learn all you can, be as aggressive as possible, and never touch any of your money until retirement. By expanding upon this doctrine, and offering the essentials on various investment vehicles and strategies, he shows how practically anyone committed to the process can create a nest egg for his or her postemployment years, no matter when it was started or how much earned. "Anyone can do it and I'm living proof," he writes. --Howard Rothman--

Book Description
"If you, a regular Joe like me, are not a movie star or an overpaid professional baseball player or a lottery winner or a high-powered executive, what are your chances of becoming a millionaire? Better than you think--much better. And you don't have to strike oil to do it. The secret? It's not glamorous, but it is simple, and almost foolproof, because the math is in your favor. It's my story, and the story of others who are quietly amassing 401(k) fortunes--and the simple plan to make your story my story. "

A surefire plan for financial independence--through bull and bear markets.
Knute Iwaszko--by turns a chemist, a salesman, and an innkeeper--made a million dollars without robbing a bank, without an inheritance, and without a Silicon Valley startup. He made it in a reliable but thoroughly new-fashioned way: by maximizing the potential of his 401(k) plan--and now he's going to tell millions of people how they, too, can become millionaires. This book will thoroughly explain the ins and outs of how 401(k) plans work, including tax benefits, contribution requirements and limits, withdrawal limitations, and risk management--and then fully describes "Knute's Unbeatable, Unbreak-able Rules for Making It to a Million": a foolproof formula that gives readers a step-by-step regimen for maximizing the potential of their 401(k) plans.
With simple, accessible language and clear, detailed steps for financial success, The 401(k) Millionaire is required reading for anyone who wants to make the most of his or her money.

"If you follow my five simple rules for 401(k) investing, there's no doubt in my mind that you can end up a 401(k) millionaire, too. Allow me to demonstrate how it's done . . ."

401(k) millionaire Knute Iwaszko's practical, surefire plan for financial success includes such topics as:


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  Reviewer: A reader

I write as a retired individual who started investing toward the end of my career. When I was young I was advised to save $20 a month, but to someone who was earning $27.50 a week it was not in the cards. Much later when my company came out with a plan to match up to 10% of my contribution I started saving. Unfortunately travel enticed me more and I routinely dipped into these funds. With all of this, I was still, in retrospect and un-knowingly, following his plan. It does work. Too bad for me, that I did not have sufficient discipline and was not satisfied with reading about "Far-away Places". All in all, everything worked out for the best. Give it a chance and you will be very pleased with the results. Way to go Knute!



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